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Thread: Render Difference - Iray max 12 & Iray max 13

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    Lightbulb Render Difference - Iray max 12 & Iray max 13

    hello all,

    i have been working on a poolside scene recently, completed the materials & done with the lighting in max 12. finally i rendered the scene in max 12 ( iray). pls find the attached image here . this is the 1st cam i rendered in max 12,

    Pool Side 01.jpg

    the thing i noticed when i rendered the 2nd cam in max 12 and 13 is.... i have posted both the scene. both renders for 5 mins. no change in the lights or any other settings. the scene was kept same in max 12 & 13. difference i found is confusing. pls find the snaps

    Max 12 rendered image (iray)

    test 12.jpg

    Max 13 rendered image (iray)

    test 13.jpg

    i dont understand which one is Physically accurate and correct, well have uploded the cam 1 scene just for you guys to have a look at structure. so that it gets easier to figure out the reflections caused.

    Your feedback n views will be appriciated.

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    Hi Valmik,

    The big issue appears to be the material of the water in the pool. You can see that the bump of the water is not being respected nor the amount of refraction/refraction colour compared with max 12 version.

    The other noticeable thing is the sun light coming from the right over the pool. Wondering if the refraction on the glass of the windows is the problem as well there. So the sunlight is not passing through the windows.

    Did you change anything in the scene from max 12 when you opened it in max 13? What materials are you using? The iray material? or standard arch & design material?

    I am not a max user or iray user really but there was probably a big change from the iray version in max 12 and max 13 so maybe you need to reapply with the newer material version? Hard to say sorry.

    Hopefully one of the iray devs will get back to you.



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    Try to convert Bump map to B&W image in Photoshop or other image soft and then try again to render. Bump should be there.


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    Are these scenes withe the absolutelly the same material??

    If yes, this is huge difference - in my work I've never met such drammatically difference.

    It is strange more cause iray from Max 2013 should better handle refractions and reflections...

    I almost can't beleive it...

    For me it's not the light thru the windows problem - cause other areas receiving the light from outside.

    It looks like light on the water or water surface dissapeared totally - did you try turn the bump off on water and render it?
    Maybe noise/wave scale or something isn't OK and you get black surface?

    It may be problem like here too:!

    Of course if you post the scene (may be simplier version) I could check it
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    OK, I've recreated scene similiar to yours and THERE IS AN ISSUE:

    1. If only water object INTERSECTS the pool - no light is passing thru water, no matter the water is box, or just plane.

    2. If water is 3D object WITHOUT INTERSECTING pool - everything works fine...

    It's defintelly a BUG.

    I'll post sample renders soon...
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    OK, here are the renders:

    1. These are NO INTERSECTIONS renders:



    2. This is case when bottom of water intersects pool bottom:


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    Hey Raffael Thanks for your efforts man, well i havent changed anything in the scene, it was kept same, just opened in max 13 n rendered ... n found a huge difference, if u would like to try will upload the scene

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    You may post the scene (give me the link on Private Message) or try to change water in the pool to 3D object not intersecting any of geometry.
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