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  1. How to access light information?
  2. miImg_file and output shader
  3. Mel Script for Rendering with Mental Ray Stand Alone
  4. Map Visualizer maya 6
  5. geometry shaders
  6. motion vector shader for maya6 osx
  7. shave & haicur and MR , How to use it ?
  8. Flickery Areas in my SSS FG Render
  9. HDRI and SSS
  10. fg and fluids
  11. sss and pfx
  12. Light Linking & dgs
  13. transparant or not
  14. contour shader flicker
  15. Maya 6.5, Mental Ray and high fur counts
  16. 2 misss shaders on a single object
  17. sss_bonusTool
  18. MR Area Lights: User Defined Shape
  19. a book on mental ray for maya 6.0
  20. SpotlightFog???
  21. Mental Ray and premultiply
  22. Mac OS X satellite install
  23. mental ray batch render command
  24. MR shadow problems!!
  25. How can I read a .mi in maya
  26. Cineon from MR
  27. Global illumination problem
  28. displacement shaders
  29. Radii in Pixel Size?
  30. Multiple Maya Fluids (6.01) rendered in MR
  31. A shader for a female android
  32. local textures and network rendering
  33. New to MR. Trouble getting strong Bounce light
  34. Motion Blur problem
  35. FG and shadow trace depth on Maya lights
  36. hard visible seams when prelighting in mr for maya
  37. Final Gather Maps
  38. MentalRay and Auxiliry Channels for using in Digital Fusion.
  39. making phenomena, specificall 'roots'
  40. shadow maps per frame with mental ray for maya 6.5
  41. fisheye stars problems
  42. Fatal Error when saving a large (5k+) 100% rendered image
  43. Mental Ray rendering problem
  44. user frame buffer range bug?
  45. hide shader for Maya GUI
  46. Script-based modeling
  47. Maya Mental ray Unexpected Error ??
  48. Maya Render Window Problem
  49. casting shadow maps through...
  50. Rasterizer without raytracing
  51. RLE compressed Targas from Maya and Mental Ray
  52. Maya 6.5 / detail shadow maps
  53. bump maps with the sss shaders
  54. MR standalone can't render MR own shade
  55. DGS Shader reflection pass
  56. HDRI angular map coord
  57. MISSS_Physical Setup?
  58. Mental Ray problem...
  59. SSS layer rendering problem
  60. Maya takes lot of times saving .mi files ....
  61. Trying in vein
  62. reflection limits with dgs/dielectric shaders
  63. Bug with Coverage (?)
  64. MR standalone doesn't render mib_amb_occlusion ?
  65. Render Globals Override Via Command Line
  66. writing mi files
  67. shaders in viewport
  68. Question about Vertice Weights
  69. Can mr do this?
  70. fast skin sss light error
  71. back scatter broken!!!
  72. how to stop flickering texture????
  73. on demand geometry in maya 6.5 (from Paolo Berto'dvd)
  74. Material Phenomenon
  75. Maya bump and dgs material
  76. Mental Ray memory problem. please help
  77. Mib_lightmap_write and Maya 6
  78. Misss_fast_simple specularity q?
  79. negative pixels?
  80. 32bit rendering problems
  81. .map Files with mentalray network rendering?
  82. Huge FG map management
  83. Small Cheats or ways to speed up Rendering?
  84. Phenomenon problem
  85. convertLightmap is broken?
  86. can't render alpha channel in mental ray
  87. Nedd help for effective mr with an IBL
  88. Maya Layered Shader Rendered in Mental Ray
  89. MR standalone error with custom shaders in maya 7.0
  90. MentalRay Standalone Setup
  91. Deployment problems
  92. mentalray nodes...info
  93. Mental Ray Satelite Rendering Questions
  94. HELP HELP HELP batch render
  95. veining texture in maya 6.5
  96. How to write procedural Shaders to run in Mental Ray Maya??
  97. fur rendering with mental ray
  98. Mi archiving equivalent to rib archiving
  99. how to get 'coverage' framebuffer?
  100. mr standalone and placeholders
  101. user framebuffer
  102. Advice On What kind of SSS to use
  103. need help on coverage buffer please help
  104. fast sss skin
  105. Problems when baking textures with subdiv geometry
  106. geometry shaders in maya
  107. mental ray render problem
  108. maya.rayrc files for non-standalone distribution and sat.
  109. water in mentalray
  110. Render error..
  111. MR batch-render update on every frame?
  112. Bump maps
  113. Per Object Displacement
  114. ZBrushdisplacement in misss
  115. Object IDs Layer?
  116. MR image formats?
  117. how to tile render on MR
  118. -window command not recognized
  119. Refracion pass
  120. Realistic Eye rendering using FG
  121. export object on demand being disabled
  122. Does modeling in 1/1 scale matter for rendering with mr?
  123. How to use "bent normal" shader in maya7??
  124. Renderfarm problems with mental ray IBL?
  125. The Mighty BSP what is it please tell
  126. Unusual Network Rendering Problems-License Related
  127. mi_car_paint_phen material don't appear in alpha channel
  128. global illumination pass
  129. linking maya and xsi
  130. mr standalone and maya question!
  131. rendering in EXR from Maya 6.0
  132. Plugin Idea
  133. Rendering Normal Maps in MR
  134. caustics to show on DGS Shader
  135. toLight shader under Maya 6.5
  136. Shared Materials
  137. Please help: about mi_car_paint_phen
  138. Does MentalRay standalone works with Render Layers ?
  139. Reflexion and refraction
  140. transperancy mapped contours
  141. user framebuffer aliasing bug w/ maya 7
  142. feather with irridescence
  143. Particles and mib_volume - This is driving me nuts.
  144. UI control for array of structs...
  145. Phenomenon interface not passing values
  146. Relate Maya custom shaders to mental ray ?
  147. Understanding MR area lights in Maya
  148. fast Skin SSS motion blur problems!
  149. MRstandalone JS_Normalizer? or Normal Map shader alternative
  150. image sequence controlled FG
  151. Custom shader for Mental ray for Maya
  152. Use all threads in Maya...
  153. Texture flickering ? (Sharp camera angle)
  154. fur in MRFM
  155. High Dynamic Range tonemapping with mi_img_tonemap
  156. command for converting openEXR to .map
  157. Mental ray re-render
  158. lib links with Mayatomr
  159. mib_amb_occlusion network render
  160. Mental Ray Integrated Menu?
  161. FinalGather and Fluid flames
  162. Automatic conversion of map files to iff
  163. mayahair.mi implementation
  164. Reflection Sets
  165. How to turn off FG visibility on an object?
  166. a stupid question of output passes
  167. Transparency problem!!
  168. Curve and geometry shader
  169. Error messages on Textured character
  170. Small Black Squares Appearing on Renders
  171. Depth Pass!!
  172. Frame Buffer!!
  173. API get attribute "surfaceShader" for mental ray s
  174. mib_lookup_cube?
  175. Difference between normal scanline and rapid scanline
  176. HDR and texture bake-sets
  177. rendering multiple .mi files
  178. Very Serious Mental Ray errors
  179. custom shader locations
  180. Problem with Mayatorm creating enormous .mi file
  181. Adding custom MR shaders in contour category
  182. mental ray and high poly counts
  183. Help!!Mental ray render appear black mark in images !!!!!
  184. mi generation problems (command line)
  185. specular problem
  186. MRliquid and plug-ins
  187. MR for maya and instances
  188. Command line Error!!
  189. Skipping frame * deselected by render a huge waste of time
  190. Alterating the fgmap creation process ? (adaptative fg acc)
  191. render artefact
  192. FG and shadow trace depth
  193. Batch Render excludes Raytracing
  194. Adding Icon to custom MentalRay Shader
  195. problem with instancing!
  196. shortname in shader declaration
  197. swatches for custom shaders
  198. Newbie Contour Probs
  199. descriptive labels for mi declaration files
  200. custom shaders + mental ray = better performance
  201. Ghost Shader!!
  202. mentalray user data in maya
  203. Access to maya api from mental ray output shader
  204. Understanding FG cache files
  205. OpenGL Hardware Shaders
  206. geo shader lighting
  207. Background Color/ Image Based Lighting
  208. mi_car_paint doesn't appear in the alpha channel reflection
  209. Satellite no longer batch rendering
  210. lightmap problem 'mi_matrix_solve: A is singular'
  211. Send binary data to mental ray
  212. Pass particle color to instances?
  213. ray limits
  214. where is the right place to connect the output shader?
  215. rasterizer/normal scanline, motion blur, and animated lights
  216. Need help compiling MR shader for OS X
  217. MentalRay Material not being shown using swatchDisplayPort
  218. Maya -> .mi -> 64-bit Mental Ray
  219. Weird Render Problem $%&?!
  220. how can i change the shader when rendering fur in Maya ?
  221. DGS and reflection depth
  222. Mental Ray render problem! :(
  223. Question for paste tool
  224. overwriting maya instances
  225. Help!! Mental Ray texture Error !!
  226. how to run a MEL script on shader node creation
  227. Need mi car paint phenomenon for maya 6.5
  228. Area Light Rendering Comparison Between Maya and Mental Ray
  229. rendering float displacement maps
  230. Strange issues with MR and blur
  231. using .map files on Mac and PC
  232. Cant flush from GUI?
  233. Geometry shader - is this possible?
  234. SSS & maya camera PreScale
  235. rendring carpaint shader in standalone
  236. FG flickering during animation
  237. Render with noprecalculated FG like in 3DS MAX
  238. displacment uv texturing
  239. custom includes, instances, from maya
  240. SSS Maya Error
  241. A question of raytrace shadow in mental ray
  242. nodeID for phenomenon
  243. How to render BUMP MAP with Mental Ray Shader
  244. FinalGather and characterAnim (once again)
  245. Setting up mib_lightmap write
  246. MI_ROOT or Maya environment setting
  247. quest for squeezing CPU cycles
  248. Panoramic Lens Shader
  249. Animated transparency don't work
  250. fg flicker