View Full Version : What is all this setting gamma to 2.2 about?

August 15th, 2006, 07:06
OK I did that and yes I had to relearn all of my lighting setting because it now renders lighter.

Here my problem: I have on outdoor scene with my skylight set to 1, directional light set to .2 for shadowing. and the bounce set to 2

This renders ok but I get severe loss of contrast and even in Photoshop I am not able to get as clean a rendering as without setting the gamma at 2.2.

Is the gamma 2.2 only for interior scenes?

Also, I have been Googling for hours and have found very little on this subject and 3ds Max help didn't have any clear use of this feature.

Does anone really have insite into this feature pertaining to its use in exterior scenes?

Please advise...........anyone?

August 20th, 2006, 01:02
The answer gets kinda complex. I'm not great at explaining it. Try a couple of this links that describe the workflow, it might help some.


The problem is your output device and your target device might have different responses. CRT to LCD to FILM, etc. It's more a question of consistency between devices, most post processors will let you change it, i.e. Shake and the like.

People working in 3D CG rendering have always used a linear color space, and with good reason -- it is a better approximation of physical lighting.

This also seems to be a good place to look:


Hope this helps some.