View Full Version : Bugs in mia features?

May 31st, 2007, 08:51
I've been using mia_material in pretty much all my projects since it came out. I keep running into a few bugs with some of the features. One of them is with the interpolation, it seems that any surface that has interpolated samples there will randomly be a chunk of it that is a random color every now and then. This doesn't seem easily replicatable, they just randomly appear maybe 1 - 2 % of the time.

The other issue is with round corners, it seems that in places where multiple planes that have the rounding on them intersect it has a high chance of creating that old black pixel error. This is seems to be very replicatable cause I had to stop using the round corners on the leaf billboards on my trees. Every single tree with it would make black pixels. The round corners does seem to work without any issues on just typical building geometry though.

Has anyone run into these problems themselves and found any workarounds? Particularly the interpolation one as I would really like to use interpolation on everything, but it seems to be too unreliable.