View Full Version : Ocean and toon shader for mental ray

February 5th, 2009, 15:03

We are looking for beta testers for 2 of our commercial shaders :

- the D3LD physical ocean shader ( http://www.dl3d.com/index.php/en/products/physical-ocean-shader.html ), it also contains Maya and 3ds Max native plug-ins.
- the DL3D XToon shader ( http://www.dl3d.com/index.php/en/products/mental-ray-xtoon-shader.html )

We are looking for beta testers on 3ds Max and Maya (2008 or 2009) under Windows only (XP or Vista 32 or 64 bits).

Becoming a beta tester is not automatic and we may refuse people.
Send us a link on your web site or company's web site and we'll contact you.

Thank you.

June 1st, 2009, 22:17
I'm interested in becoming a beta tester for you shaders. We are actually in need for an ocean shader right now.
You may check our work in our website (even though it's not really up to date) www.leyenda.cl
Please let me know.