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August 20th, 2010, 12:08
Hi! I have a question about the compilation of "LLVM back-end" in 3.8:
How to switch the mode LLVM?
What is meant when the documentation is written - "To enable it the (_MI_REG_METASL_BACKEND) mental ray registry variable need to be set to the value" llvm ""?

When I run the test stage of the lesson "metasl_llvm_backend", this error: "shader" white "not found". But tape still wrote that - "Loading shader file. / white.msl"

August 23rd, 2010, 13:17
Hi Ostap,

the tutorial directory "metasl_llvm_backend" you mention contains instructions how to run mental ray in a way so that LLVM is used. If you run mental ray in this tutorial directory then LLVM is selected automatically by the rayrc configuration file. But the LLVM back-end binary load path needs to be supplied explicitly, like via command line option "-L <path>", or environment variable MI_LIBRARY_PATH.

If your setup is valid you should see a message like

LIB 0.0 info: library "gen_llvm.dll": loaded ...

I tried this on several platforms and it works successfully for me on all of them.

Best, Steve.