View Full Version : Help with a Transluscent skin shader

August 26th, 2011, 11:05
Hello, first time posting on this forum, been crawling it for a couple days looking for some tips, and its been very helpful.

However I can seem to find anything related to a new challenge I've inflicted on myself.

You see, I've tasked myself with creating a "Transparent Robot Skin" Shader, (similar to that of the I, Robot, robot) for a vfx project I am in for school.

What I have so far is a mia_material_x that has been tinkered with to create a nice silicon like material, and I have tested with a "dummy skull" inside the mesh. It gives me a great refraction, that of which I am quite keen on ( but everything can always be changed).
Also I have 2 ramps controlling the IOR and the transparency of the the mat_x.

I have also put a misss_fast shader into the additional color "oppurtunity" box of the mat_x.

Here arises the problem:

I need a way of telling the nodes that if the distance between the skull and the Base mesh is low (ie. mesh depth from scalp to skull) to make the mat_x see transparent

and if it is a higher value (ie. depth from skull to nose) to make the mat_X opaque

I am a 3d modelling student that is mostly self taught in the shader department, if anyone is willing to school me in mental ray and its amazingness, i would be quite thankful.

Thanks muchly