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  1. Sticky: NVIDIA IndeX for ParaView plugin 1 1 released

    LOL, 216MB for graphics drivers. I remember boo hooing when I had to update my Radeon 7200 over dialup 5MB.
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    Problems with Motion Blur in Iray 2 1

    Yes lukei, that is what seems is happening.

    But what to do if we need a strog motion blur?? As you can see, the value of 2 is not enough. Is there any workaround to solve this?? :mellow:

  3. Cinema 4D R17 crashes on splash screen with Iray 2 0 16

    Thanks for clarifying alexxi. Ill give it a go here on my machine tomorrow to see if its working. One last question: are you on OS X or Windows?
  4. Cannot install nvidia mental ray for maya 2017

    Is there a Configure Install after entering the product code in the Maya 2016 installer to select to install mental ray?
  5. Cinema 4D R17 crashes on splash screen with Iray 2 0 16

    From the Product page: you need 10.7
    Xfrog 5.0.2 for CINEMA 4D 14
    Windows all & Mac OS X v.10.7 and up
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    Purchasing the license key

    I have looked under the manager utility and cannot figure out or remember where to put in the license key .
  7. Sticky: New Plugin Release 1 1 Available introducing Cinema 4D R18 Version

    Ok. The Product Specs of V14 will require the MAC OS X 10.7.
    But I have the same Problem with C4D V13 - and this one should run with OS X 10.6.x as described on that Product pages. OR?
    Tx & KR
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