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Thread: 3ds Max 2015 and mental ray GI GPU prototype

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    Alright thanks for taking the time to clarify. What I did not understood is that they will create a collection to ship with the next mental ray version. However, will there still be a powerful central-shader that can be used for the overal of materials that's then physically accurate without any tweaking needed?

    And isn't the other way around just as true actualy? When bending the laws of physically accurate, isn't it possible to obtain faster render results going to a non-physically accurate typology? I thought that was what people were doing to achieve "acceptable" results instead of going physically accurate?

    I do agree that one has to simply go with the evolution of time, no question about that, stupid to stay stuck in old habits and ways if better and faster is available.

    Curious as to what will be in the new mental ray then. I'm a beta user in the 3D Studio Max program, cause I love using software and checking out new features and discovering bugs for the plain reason I can then do MY OWN workflow on the new things and see where the bugs are in my field of work. (Urban Architecture) - so instead of having game-devellopers we work in a totaly different area of 3dsmax.

    Same Q for NVidia: don't they have a beta-user program? aren't there people trying out their software before it gets released onto the market?

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    Here ya go:

    The first batch of ready-made MDL materials. Keep in mind mental ray support isn't complete in 3.13, you'll need 3.14 once released.

    Beta for mental ray is usually part of the later Autodesk Beta cycle. Iray Betas are through NVIDIA, Iray+ for Max has a 90 day eval period.
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