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Thread: Cocoon-like effect (MILA)

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    Question Cocoon-like effect (MILA)

    Hey guys, I hope this is the right forum to post this question in.

    I'm currently working on a shader for a cocoon-like object. My setup is a main object that got the MILA shader on it and then an object inside of the main object which is emissive (MILA emission shader).
    I piped an animated noise map into the the emission shader to give it the look of something moving inside the cocoon. That's my idea so far. However it doesn't seem to work quite that well.

    My shader setup is like this:
    Base -> Scatter -> Diffuse Reflection -> Diffuse Transmission -> Diffuse Reflection (for some veins on the trans through part) -> Glossy Reflection

    My light setup are all area lights with user_ibl_rect piped in.
    Though I can't see any "shine through"-effect. I tried thin walled as well.

    Any suggestions? Maybe I'm using the shader in a wrong way/too naively?
    Help would be greatly appreciated

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    So I experimented a bit more and found out that Diffuse Transmission only takes full values like full white or full black. Is that intentional? I thought the "Weight" values are supposed to "blend" maps via grayscale...cause it is working with everything else.
    Is this a special case?

    It's working now but I find this abrupt change with full values a bit weird. I wanted a subtle effect.

    EDIT: Seems like the mila emission shader is the problem? Do you really need to use area lights? I was hoping mila emission would work for that as well.
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