I've worked for more than 15 years as visual effect supervisor (France, Brazil) . I'm now looking for a partner interested in helping to develop and commercialize 3D plugins/tools I've designed, some a long time ago. I've already programmed some of them in C (and Mel) for Maya/MentalRay, but more to check concepts.
I would like now to extend them to C++, others engines and platforms, as also OpenGL/GPU, in a more professional way, obviously for commercial purposes.
I've already posted to another more general forums without any concrete answer, so I feel quite disappointed!

Here are 3 of them:
- Stardust, Matte-painting tool with unique features as to photographs mapping (like inverse global illumination)
- LightMyFire, my own implementation for global illumination.
- VU, plugin which converts at runtime a 2D texture into a real 3D infinite texture.

You can find more about on my site (includes also my CV), on the programming page:

PS: If you know another place where I should post this message, please let me know!