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Thread: Help! Mixing SSS shader and reflective shader!!

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    Default Help! Mixing SSS shader and reflective shader!!

    Yo! calling out to all my VFX peeps! I am trying to get an SSS shader to work with a highly reflective material in Mental Ray to make a bronze or copper material with it. The closest I have gotten is using the Mila material but for some reason the Mila material doesn't want to work with an image node to mask out the areas I do not want the shiny material to show. It only works with default nodes like checker or fractal for some reason. Any advice would be appreciated. I already tried the color mixer and the fast SSS fast skin shader but then I lose the scatter. This also only works with non file nodes also. I think it has to do with light linking . Thanks!


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    You have to enable Alpha is Luminance in your file node under Color Balance if you want to use textures to control weighting.

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