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Thread: How to remove Splotchess in MILA SSS renders ?

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    Default How to remove Splotchess in MILA SSS renders ?

    Hi, I am getting these nasty splotches in my renders that has SSS in it. I still get them with "MILA Scatter Quality" set to 4.

    I am lighting the scene with MentalRay IBL with Emit Light turned on. Final Gather enabled. The splotches appear with GI Next too.

    Their intensity drops when I scale down the SSS map resolution to 1/3.

    If I raise the Environment Lighting Quality, they almost disappear completely, although that increases the render time a lot.

    The SSS has a Layer of mixed glossy reflection. When I disable the Reflection Layer, the splotches goes away completely.

    So, I wish to know what is causing these noise, so I can troubleshoot it.

    Is it the high resolution HDR environment map that I am using? But I tried blurred HDR environment too, and they still are present

    in the render

    Any help will be much appreciated.

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    well its probably the glossy if it goes away when you turn it off. But I can only guess without seeing anything.

    And its not about the high resolution of the HDR, but rather what kind of values you have in it. How high do they get?
    Barton Gawboy

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