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Thread: MentalRay for Maya - Slowdown / Framebuffer on HDD instead of in memory

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    Default MentalRay for Maya - Slowdown / Framebuffer on HDD instead of in memory


    I got pointed out to this forum from CGtalk, nice to have something specific for Mental Ray issues
    This is the issue I'm having, hope someone knows a solution/workaround :

    For a current project the output resolution is 5238x1200 (1920x1200,1398x1200,1920x1200 next to each other) and I noticed significant slowdowns in rendertimes with render passes.
    To be more precise, the slowdowns are not in the rendering itself but Mental Ray (Maya 2014 MR) pauses for 5-50 seconds (after completing a render) and then begins to write the individual render passes.

    After awhile it became clear Mental Ray writes down the frame buffer files into small fb#### files in the temp folder while rendering. After completing the render/writing the fb files the frame buffer files get read again from disk. After finishing reading the frame buffer files Mental Ray starts to write the render pass outputs.

    I've tried to set "frame buffer mode" in the the mentalrayGlobals node to "all in memory (Off)" but Mental Ray keeps using the harddisk.

    Thanks in advance


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    In Maya 2014, that would be mr 3.11, I believe.

    So the slowdown is only at the end? And if you disable the passes, it doesn't slow down?
    These are large resolutions that use memory, and passes use memory too, even though the temp .fb files are used. It might not be the i/o, though I need to check that version.

    Perhaps the large resolution is getting in the way of using memory more efficiently given your machine configuration. What kind of memory are you working with on your machine?
    Barton Gawboy

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