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Thread: is iray in the path to EOL ?

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    Angry is iray in the path to EOL ?

    is iray in a halt , until shutdown ?

    integrated iray 3ds max 2017 have no improvement whats so ever from 3ds max 2016 .

    all the improvement will come in Iray+ which cost money ! !

    is it not enough that were spending thousands of dollars on Multiple Nvidia GPUs ?

    so now you will charge us for a tiny plugin as well ?

    the smart thing to do is let us nvidia customers spend more money on nvidia hardware !

    instead of leave us no choice to buy octane render and less nvidia video cards ! !

    this is why nvidia integrated Iray+ in daz3d for free ! !
    so daz3d users would not have to buy octane
    and spent more money on hardware

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    Nvidia has no control over this.

    This is 100% Autodesk's decision on their own product, 3ds Max. Work on Iray in Max is done at the direction of Autodesk.

    Iray+ is not under Autodesk's control.
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