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    with Iray for Cinema 4D we are proud to bring the NVIDIA Iray rendering technology to Cinema users. Why Iray? Here are some key features and benefits.

    Fully-featured Physically-based Rendering Engine

    The Iray physically-based rendering technology allows to simulate real-world scenery and lighting situations with the push of a button. Based on a material system that respects physical laws, it is easily possible to achieve convincing results without the need to tune render settings. Combined with a physical camera model with lens simulation and tone mapping, as well as realistic lighting environments like a sun and sky illumination model and image-based lighting from HDR environment captures, the Iray plugin provides and exposes all elements required to produce lifelike imagery and animations within Cinema 4D.

    Interactive Live Render

    The Live Render feature is a unique interactive rendering solution added by the Iray for Cinema 4D plugin. It extends the typical rendering workflow with a floating render window that continuously renders the current scene while working on it. It reacts instantaneously to any scene and settings changes, thus allows to watch the impact of adjustments immediately. This works even across the network using the built-in Iray streaming capabilities, which can leverage a remote VCA or an Iray Server in streaming mode, see below. Best performance on a local system can be achieved in a multi-GPU setup, where one GPU may be reserved for OpenGL graphics, driving the Cinema 4D model window, and another one running in compute/CUDA mode to solely support Iray rendering.

    Remote GPU Rendering, Streaming and Queueing

    The Iray for Cinema 4D plugin includes networking capabilities that can be used to render on remote GPU systems taking advantage of much more capable remote systems compared to the local GPU/CPU setup, like an NVIDIA Quadro VCA. For example, it is possible to run the plugin on a CPU-only system but render with Iray on a remote GPU cluster. The plugin's streaming connection feature allows to utilize remote GPUs even for the interactive Live Render, preferably with a VCA that is designed for that use case. Whereas the queueing feature is designed for offline batch rendering of final images and animations using an Iray Server installation.

    NVIDIA MDL Materials

    The plugin supports the import and usage of material designs based on the NVIDIA Material Definition Language. Materials provided in this format can be shared between compatible applications and plugins. They are are guaranteed to be physically plausible because constructed according to the MDL specification and its design principles, ensuring properties like energy conservation. Custom made catalogs of materials may be downloaded and applied in the plugin easily, for instance the NVIDIA vMaterials. The Iray for Cinema 4D plugin allows to export customized MDL materials as well, which may be applied in another MDL capable application to ensure exactly the same appearance.

    For more details about the features and settings please see the documentation coming with the software package.

    Thank you for your feedback.

    The Iray for Cinema 4D Team.
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