Dear users,

We are happy to announce the release of NVIDIA® IndeX™ for ParaView® Plugin 1.0 version enabling large-scale and high-quality volume data visualization capabilities of the NVIDIA IndeX library inside Kitware’s ParaView.


If you haven't downloaded the plugin yet, please do so from here:


The NVIDIA IndeX for ParaView plugin comes with a free workstation license that
enables exploiting the capabilities of a single GPU.

If you aim to use NVIDIA IndeX on a cluster of multiple hosts and/or
with multiple NVIDIA GPUs, then please contact us for the appropriate licensing.


  • Real-time and interactive high-quality volume data visualization using NVIDIA GPU rendering technology.
  • Supporting 8-bit and 16-bit unsigned int, and 32-bit floating point volume data types.
  • Depth-correct integration of ParaView geometry rendering into NVIDIA IndeX volume rendering.
  • Tri-linear filtering and pre-integration techniques enabling high-fidelity visualizations.
  • Interactive transfer function changes.
  • Free single GPU version for leveraging today's GPU performance.
  • Multi-GPU and and GPU cluster support for scalable real-time visualization of datasets of arbitrary sizes. Requires an appropriate licenseb(please contact us).

Happy viz and don't hesitate to post questions!