Actually I have a i7-4790K with Asus Z97-A/USB 3.1 and one GTX 970 which I was mostly using for gaming, but now I got interested into Daz Studio Iray rendering and would like to reduce my rendering times. My actual board has 2 PCIe 3.0 slots which run at 8x each and a third PCIe 2.0 slot that runs at 2x. As should everybody know, that won't work for 3 way SLI, but should work fine with 3 video cards for Iray rendering. I know that a i7-5820K with an appropriate motherboard will run the 3 cards at 8x8x8 vs 8x8x2 with my actual CPU and motherboard.

I would like to save the most money I can and still get the 3 GTX 970s. The question is: Is there a huge difference in rendering times for the 3 GTX 970s running at 8x8x2 vs 8x8x8? I'll save some money if there isn't because I won't need to get a new CPU and motherboard.

The information about the PCIe speeds I got it from the Asus website, but I'm a little confused because most boards with 3 PCIe slots run at 8x4x4 and I would like somebody who owns that board and is using 3 video cards to confirm if it runs at 8x8x2 like the website says or 8x4x4 like most boards.

Thanks in advance!