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Thread: Moving vMaterials location

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    Question Moving vMaterials location

    I'm trying to move the vMaterials library that is installed into the my documents folder.

    So for I did not find a way to either tell the installer to put it in another place. It just doesn't care.

    Neither was I successful by setting the MDL_USER_PATH variable. Although it points to the right folder, I don't see any USER section when trying to use an ifmMDLMaterial in Maya.

    Help is highly appreciated here since we do not want to install a material lib to each workstation but to have it in a central server place.

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    I found a workaround by putting a link into the materialLibraries folder of the Iray for Maya plug-in. That way we can put all the MDL on a share avoiding redundancy and out-of-sync copies on each workstation.

    Nevertheless, this is an issue that should be solved since it really is not multi user environments friendly.
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