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Thread: Mila_bump_flakes scale

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    Question Mila_bump_flakes scale

    Hi everyone,

    I'm wondering about the new mila_bump_flakes placement.
    I can't understand how it's working. It doesn't seems to work with uvs, it's not a world space placement (like 3D projection textures).

    The scale looks a bit arbitrary. Some object won't have the same size despite the same shader.
    Doest the transform of the object affects the sc

    How are they placed on surface ? How can I be sure different objects will have the same visual size ?

    For now, I need to use different shaders and visually adjust the scale of the flakes.

    I'd love to have information on this : )

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    Like the original paint flakes, Scale affects the value of the intersection point (in object space) which is used for your selected noise lookup.

    Which flake noise Type are you using?
    Barton Gawboy

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