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Thread: Yes/No survey: iRay Cloud rendering service

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    Default Yes/No survey: iRay Cloud rendering service

    There are old age render farms who now have severs mostly with GeForce GPUs which can be rented by the hour. They need manual interaction and setup time. Too cumbersome. What if there's a dedicated iRay render Cloud with Tesla/Quadro GPUs to which you can directly connect through iRay plugins? You can spin your own iRay rendering cluster with a few clicks and just pay for the usage? Would this be useful? Yes/No?

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    You might want to check out my post in the Iray Server thread here:

    migenius has just launched such a service on Nimbix. We are also evaluating what would be involved in having this on other providers, however Nimbix is currently the only one to offer very fast start up times and by the minute billing which is pretty important for rendering activities (on AWS you are charged for a full hour even if you only need 10 minutes).

    We are also keen to hear feedback on what people think of this. We initially set it up mainly for our own use but quickly realised if might be of value to others so made it available publicly on Nimbix.

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