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Thread: NVIDIA IndeX for ParaView plugin 1.1 released!

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    I seem to have an issue with the Index plugin. I'm using the 1.1 version with paraview 5.4.0 in Windows, and for some reason, it seems to have troubles with animations. Specifically, it always just renders only the last frame for the whole duration, at least in shockTube tutorial of Openfoam that i'm using, both in VTK and foam formats. Why would that be happening ? Is there a special action to make animations with Index?

    Edit: I have done this with some more tutorials and it seems to either be completely frozen in one frame or crash my Nvidia kernel mode driver, and is always as slow as the original volume option.

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    Default NVIDIA IndeX for ParaView plugin 1 1 released

    LOL, 216MB for graphics drivers. I remember boo hooing when I had to update my Radeon 7200 over dialup 5MB.

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