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Thread: Any ETA on hair primitive?

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    Question Any ETA on hair primitive?

    Hi, I'd like to ask if there are any news or progress about a hair primitive supported natively by Iray.

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    Nothing? No nvidia folks can weigh in on this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlessandroMastronardi View Post
    Nothing? No nvidia folks can weigh in on this?
    We can, just not with a fixed date.
    But I can tell you that we have that on our working list for this year.
    Please feel not disapointed if we cannot deliver it for various reasons, but this is one of our important features for this year but there is always the chance that it will not make it.
    But as far as I see this it is just a matter of time.
    And we do it as early as we can.


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    Hey Alex not disappointed at all, actually I want to thank you for answering and for the update. I am a programmer myself so I perfectly know how things go with developing and integrating features. BTW, reason I asked is because I am the co-author of the Look at my Hair plugin which is a popular hair/fur solution for DAZ Studio, and so we are eager to get native Iray hair support on that platform. Thanks again and good work.

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    Hey Fuchs, so did hair primitive make it in 2017 ?

    If not, is it still a high priority on the todo list for 2018 ?
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    Sorry for my previous post, i realized they are converting hair to polygons.

    I am character artist and I would like to render hair in maya natively, can I ask if we could do it soon?


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