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Thread: Using vMaterials with mental ray in 3ds Max 2017

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    Default Using vMaterials with mental ray in 3ds Max 2017

    I'm trying to use the vMaterials with mental ray in 3ds Max 2017. I can't find any guids for how to install them. When I open the materal libraries after installing them on my computer is says missing DLLs. There are instructions for IRay, but I can't find any for Mental Ray. What do I need to do to get them working?

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    Hi 265lutlab,

    It is great to hear your interest in the vMaterial Libraries. To date, the easiest way to access vMaterials is through the Iray plugins. We at NVIDIA are working to improve the vMaterial workflow in Mental Ray for 3ds Max.

    The best way to be ready for these updates is to register for the 3ds Max 2018 Beta program which will get you access to register for the Mental Ray for 3ds Max 2018 Beta. This is where we are developing the workflow for using vMaterials in Mental Ray. As the vMaterial workflow becomes better defined, there is a possibility that the updates will make it to Menal Ray in 3ds Max 2017. Until then, the development will be only in the Mental Ray Beta program.


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