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Thread: How to log bugs and provide feedback

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    Lightbulb How to log bugs and provide feedback

    Hi all,

    in the (hopefully rare) case that you found a bug in Iray for Cinema 4D that crashes Cinema 4D, or you want to use a certain Cinema feature that seems to not work with Iray (not unlikely for special effects), or you want to send complaints or congratulations, you have two main channels to reach us:

    The email option does not require to register in the forum, so it might be faster for you. It's certainly more direct.
    It will also guarantee privacy of your report, since it won't be visible in this forum, unless you tell us that it can be published here.

    Please also let us know your plugin, Cinema, and operating system versions, as well as GPU/CPU configuration.
    It will help us a lot if you would attached the latest Iray log file called iray_log-C4D18xxx.log (xxx is an arbitrary number).
    It is kept on Windows in the user folder %TEMP%\NVIDIA Corporation\,
    and on Mac in the user folder ~/Library/Logs/NVIDIA Corporation/.

    Please make sure that your GPU is listed in the Iray Preferences/Resources tab, which means it was detected by the Iray plugin properly.

    We look forward to your feedback.

    The Iray for Cinema 4D team
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