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Thread: No such feature or vendor does not exist: nvidia

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    Default No such feature or vendor does not exist: nvidia

    I cannot activate my license for mental ray because of this error I am getting with FlexNet.

    I have followed all of the instructions in the guide included with the mental ray download for activating your license. I have uploaded the license file to flexnet successfully but the vendor daemon will not work properly.

    Here are two screenshots of the issue I am having:

    I really would like some help resolving this. All steps up until this point have gone fine. The "Flexnet Licensing Service 64" is running in services. I have pasted the "nvidia.exe" file into the Flexnet folder in Program Files.

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    In that second picture click on Administer on the right side of the nvidia line, to get to a screen to start up the nvidia side again. In that screen you should see a Start button at the top.

    Then you could go to Dashboard > Concurrent again to confirm it is up and running.
    Barton Gawboy

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