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Thread: Access to the MDL SDK

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    i would suggest to download the nvidia vMaterials as a starter content.

    Are you on windows? the default path to MDL materials is


    this is where you should store your own mdl materials
    everything inside this directory defines the mdl name. eg vMaterials will install a file

    C:\Users\jjordan\Documents\mdl\nvidia\vMaterials\A EC\Wood\mahogany_floorboards.mdl

    and the name of this module in MDL terms will be

    nvidia::vMaterials::AEC::Wood::mahogany_floorboard s

    there is more content in

    C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\mdl

    those are support modules for various applications (iray for max, iray for maya, substance designer...) which are good examples for achieving various effects in MDL

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    Wow! The I found it! Thank you very much!

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