ok this is going to sound like a strange question and I think I already know the answer, but want to verify.

I am a Daz Studio User, and as Daz Studio uses IRay Beutifully I ahve been playing around with the vMaterials Library. The question is is their a cost to vMaterials, is the download a 90 day trial. I have been working on setting them up in DazStudio to function as shaders (which LOOK GREAT BTW) for those that do not wish to dive into manipulating the mdl bricks in the Shader Mixer.

I have moved vMaterials folder into the DazStudio default mdl location
..Program Files\DAZ 3D\DAZStudio4\shaders\iray\nvidea

and have kept the MDL Exchange in its default location.

Does anyone forsee any issues with this set up. Trying to make life simpler for some artists without the Technical Knowledge of Object Orientated Programing from banging their heads on their monitors. And personally I find the UberShader created using pretty much as many options as they could jam into a single shader as possible a little overwhealming for some people.