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Thread: High res region render reverts to grainy in iray

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    Default High res region render reverts to grainy in iray


    When I want to do a region render in iray for a high res image, the rendering reverts to grainy. I have included some sample images that were rendered 4800 x 3600 but I cropped them to add them to this post. The images are numbered based on the number of iteration at the time I saved them. Image named Iteration3039 shows some grain, Iteration5051 shows less grain, Iteration6094 shows a lot more grain and some fireflys. On this ocassion the rendering reverted back to grainy at about 6000 iterations but this number can not be predicted - it is usually somewhere betwwen 3000 - 7000. This happens in 3ds Max 2016, 2017, 2018 but not 2015.

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