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Thread: Purchasing the license key

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    Default Purchasing the license key

    Hello. Please tell me how I can purchase a license key. The trial period is over and I want to buy a license. On the tab "buy now" in the NVIDIA ADVANCED RENDERING SOFTWARE STORE I can't make a purchase, choosing a product, I can't complete the process, as there are no active buttons to continue. In the account I can't login "incorrect login"... In the NVIDIA SOFTWARE LICENSING CENTER need to the product key. Where can I find it? I have a trial version of the program. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vankherson View Post
    Hello. Please tell me how I can purchase a license key.
    It should be straight forward if you go through the NVIDIA Professional Application Center (PAC) tool.
    This tool gets started in the task bar as soon as you launch the plugin, typically. In that tool,
    click the BUY button. This will open the NVIDIA web shop. You need to create a NVIDIA account
    if you have not done yet, to be able to do the purchase.

    What you purchase is a license token that needs to be activated for your machine in the NVIDIA licensing center.
    The PAC documentation covers those steps in detail.


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    Default Purchasing the license key

    I have looked under the manager utility and cannot figure out or remember where to put in the license key .

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