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Thread: Iray C4D second machine license

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    I've bought an Iray for Cinema 4D local licence, which I want to use on 2 computers. One computer at my office and the other one at my home office. They will never be used at the same time. I've also bought an Iray server licence, which is installed on my home office computer, so I can always render.

    On the store site, this is a part of the explanation for the local license:
    "You are granted a second authorization for repairing an installation or enabling a second machine that isn’t used concurrently with the first".

    I'm not able to activate a license for the second computer, because there is only one license file to be generated.
    Does anyone know how I can achieve my goal, or have I bought the wrong license type?

    Thank you in advance!

    Kind regards,

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    You bought the right license type but you can use it only one time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thomas Minnaert View Post
    I've bought an Iray for Cinema 4D local licence, which I want to use on 2 computers.
    You can't, at least not concurrently. You activate your local license for a specific machine.
    You are able to move your license to a second machine once, in the NVIDIA licensing portal.

    The alternative would be a "floating" license. That requires to set up a machine in your network that runs a license server.
    Then, several machines can use such a license. You can run as many instances of the software as you have floating licenses.
    In the single license case, only one instance at a time.

    The floating licenses are typically used in a company where everyone has access to the software and share a pool of licenses.

    For the Iray plugins, we charge extra for floating licenses because there is a substantial support and maintenance effort attached it.

    Hope that helps,
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    Hi Steve,
    Thank you for your answer!
    I changed my local licence to a floating one, which is working perfectly, just like you explained.

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