Now that I have played with Ifm for a while I have come across an annoying issue with Hypergraph clutter:

The way Iray implements the round corner effect seems inefficient when compared with the way it is done in Mental Ray. To elaborate on the point; if one has, say, 5 different materials, all sharing the same corner ' radius, in Mr you create 5 material nodes and 1 round node which is not defined as a material node. This node is then connected to all 5 material nodes. In Iray, one has to create 5 geometry modifier nodes, which are then assigned to the scene objects. If real geometry alterations is required, this may not matter as it would be unlikely that a displacement would be shared by different materials. However, if all one wants is the round effect, then the Mr implementation of the effect is the superior approach. Instead of 10 material nodes, you have only 5 material nodes,plus 1 texture node (not displayed on the material tab).

Is there any technical reason for the way it is implemented in Iray? Could it be changed to the way it's done in Mr? What about vMaterials including it as just another parameter?