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Thread: Trying to demote my Computer with Pro GPU but server won't let me.

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    Unhappy Trying to demote my Computer with Pro GPU but server won't let me.

    I have PC A and PC B. One will have be a Server this is A. The B machine will not be, so as default is set to be a manager. I realize I can only do this through command line but it' won't let me. It say the DL is locked out and the log file is locked. I'm guessing that manager is already running the web interface. I tried to kill it in the task manager, it worked once but stopped and even after a reboot it won't stop or let me successfully type "iray_server -c" Is that the proper syntax or do I need Parenthesis around the IP of the manager I'm pointing it too?

    The iray_server --? works, is there a "Kill" command. The other questions is for batch rendering and VCA rendering you can only have one manager if you have two machines? Is this correct?

    suggestion for future:
    It would really be nice if you had a button to demote to non manger since you set it by default.

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    Hi Scotty3d, seems you did not register with the same email. We're gonna fix it.

    You are talking about PC A and PC B but then you talk about a VCA.
    Do you have a VCA?
    Which system do you use to submitt jobs?

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