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    Default FR: Node editor for iRay

    After using iRay and comparing to Redshift and Octane I can say that while I enjoy the speed and material qualities of iRay its workflow specifically in C4D is clunky and inefficient.

    There must be a better way to create complex materials than the current system by either adopting C4D's native material editor or as my subject heading suggest a node editor.

    The node editor is now quite standard and commonplace and why iRay didn't gravitate to it I can't understand given the poor system currently implemented.

    I hope to see improvements but until then, iRay will have to take a back seat for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by helluvapixel View Post
    ...either adopting C4D's native material editor or as my subject heading suggest a node editor
    Well, the Iray for Cinema 4D plugin DOES adopt C4D's material editor, but that is currently the only way to edit materials inside C4D.
    Workflow-wise, you can create and edit MDL materials and full material graphs in much the same way as you used to create C4D materials.
    You can even mix C4D native materials and (procedural) textures with MDL designs thanks to the automatic "baking" of non-MDL nodes.
    More importantly, you can even do proper PBR "layering" using the common C4D layering approach, using built-in layer nodes from MDL core definitions.

    I do agree that a node editor within Cinema would be the next step to think about.
    Fortunately, there is already a MDL-capable node editor available, Allegorithmic's Substance Designer!
    The MDL designs created in that tool can be applied to any Iray-based plugin or application.


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