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Thread: Texture filtering settings

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    Default Texture filtering settings

    I was using the MDL library to add a surface with a sort of a wire mesh effect, and I saw that it looks good up close but from afar just gets antialiased out into a slightly grey, not-very translucent surface.

    Now this may actually have nothing to do with that, but it made me think of the adjustable filtering setting for bitmaps I use in Brazil, you can set how readily the texture gets smoothed into mush, small patterns can look a lot better with that toned down somewhat. Is something like that available in the settings we have in iRay for Rhino or in the MDL definition itself?


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    To my knowledge Iray texture filtering is fully automatic and does not have any explicit settings to control. What might be impacting your results however is the choice of filter for the overall image (which controls how the multiple samples per pixel are combined into a single colour), while this setting is available in Iray it doesn't seem to be exposed in Iray for Rhino. Iray for Rhino looks to be using the gaussian filter with a radius of 1.5. This isn't the sharpest filter but is a sensible default. A sharper filter might help your issue but also sharpen edges you don't want to. Since the setting isn't exposed in Iray for Rhino right now you can't control it in any case, though I imagine it is something that might be exposed in the future.

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