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Thread: Easiest way to layer MDL textures in C4D

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    Default Easiest way to layer MDL textures in C4D


    I'm looking for the easiest and fastest way to layer MDL textures for the Iray renderer in Cinema 4D.
    For example, I have a pack (box), which needs printed artwork, embossing, glossy varnish and hotfoil silver.

    I can achieve this by using a paper texture with the artwork, a bump texture with the paper as base material,
    a clear coat texture with the bump as base material, and a silver material.

    Finally, I need a surface blender to combine the clear coat texture with the silver material and mask the silver.
    This surface blender texture gets applied to the model, and this works fine.

    But, is this nesting technique the best way to do it? It's really painful to find the problem if something isn't working as expected.
    If I want to copy this model into an other document, only the applied texture gets copied to the new document.
    Even if I first make sure the textures are present in the new document, the base materials are not nested correctly after copy and need to be manually re-entered in each material.

    Thank's in advance for any tips!

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    There are currently two workflows supported to do "layering" of MDL materials (using MDL Core Definitions):

    (1) the C4D way by stacking materials next to the object in the object manager, and,
    (2) direct linking MDL layers by referencing them in the "base material" slot of the parent MDL component (of core definitions).

    In the native Cinema case (1) your specific material stack will be stored with the scene, but not as a separate material for later reuse.
    In case (2) you can save out your MDL design as a new material with a custom name, and use it later through the MDL dialog.

    Not sure what's the problem with textures, but its handling is defined by Cinema, more or less.
    For example, if you use texture ref's with absolute file path then the texture may not be copied.

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