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Thread: GPU affinity control in MR & Iray

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    Default GPU affinity control in MR & Iray

    Does MR and Iray both respect the env var: CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES to control GPU affinity during batch rendering? Does MR expose any other CLI available options or in-app script (MAXScript/MELScript/Python) to control GPU affinity for "GI Next" feature for 3dsMax or Maya?

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    Hi Mike,

    yes, actually you have all of these options to control the use of CUDA devices in Mental Ray and Iray.

    You can hide CUDA devices from being detected by Mental Ray or Iray using the CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES environment variable, or,
    on Windows, use the convenient NVIDIA control panel where you can override CUDA devices globally or per application.

    Additionally, both Mental Ray and Iray offer custom GPU selection in their Maya and 3ds Max render settings (look out for "hardware resources").
    With disabled CUDA devices on lower level using the first method, the hardware resources UI will not even show the hidden GPUs.

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