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Thread: Unsure about the right licence version

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    Default Unsure about the right licence version

    I want to be sure to order the right licence type of Mental Ray. We have a 3ds Max 2018 network licence for 5 seats. There are only 5 users, so can we order a Professional GPU licence 5-pack and install locally on 5 computers? Computers are with NVIDIA Quadro. Can anyone help with this?

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    NVIDIA Quadro is a Pro GPU so that should work. But also, which generation GPUs do you have?
    Barton Gawboy

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    Quote Originally Posted by ppn View Post
    I want to be sure to order the right license type of Mental Ray
    You could download the trial of Mental Ray Standalone and simply run it on your machine(s), even without a license.
    It will tell you if Pro GPU would apply. Something like this:

    LIB 0.0 info : The machine is eligible for professional GPU licenses, but none available. Switching to standard licenses.

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