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Thread: Seriously how do you buy iray!!?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffPatton View Post
    That's a shame, but I can understand your sentiment.

    FWIW, I'm not sure if I'll renew/update my own license or not. I have five days left on it. I visited the new website ( and saw "Welcome to the home of Iray"...Does that also include Iray+ or has it been renamed to Iray like the older version? Or has Iray+ been axed? Things like this just adds to the confusion of the products.

    Iray+ is a decent product now. However, it could be magnificent if some of the feedback & requests from the forum members here were addressed. I know there's some good folks working on iray/iray+ and nvidia produces some outstanding GPUs. The potential is there to dominate the GPU rendering software market. However, there are a few missing parts to the puzzle at the moment. Hopefully it'll all come together down the road because I really want to help support the efforts here.

    Hello Jeff.

    I give a lot of time to Iray - Iray + and Mental ray for 3ds max. In fact I can say that they are the rendering engines that I always used.
    I'm very sorry to know about the death of mental ray.
    I would preferred to see it again in 3ds max 2018, even without news, but always there.
    In my opinion, great confusion has been made, with the abandonment of Mental ray and intonuction Arnold in 3ds max 2018
    In December, Autodesk fired a lot of people.
    I told Autodek but also to Nividia, for me, all these choices, to remove mental ray from 3ds max is only a bad news .

    This is only my opinion.
    But I not Happy for this end of Mr in 3ds max.

    But the question is... if I stay again in iray +
    if they close too? How Mental ray?
    These are time licenses. If they close them, the game is over...

    Some people say me
    not to worry that mental ray was going on also for 3ds max 2018 - 2019 - 2020 ..

    best regards.
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    The main Problem is, 3dsmax have a very old kernel, and it´s not state of the art. The only reason that autodesk sell 3dsmax is the big Communitie. The problem for developer of mental ray for 3dsmax is, that 3dsmax is not modular. Maya is modular and have a very new kernel, and the best mental ray integeration over the years. NVIDIA had believed that autodesk decontinues 3dsmax, and you Need only mental ray for Maya. The Question for me is, when Autodesk decontinues 3dsmax with a oldest kernel on the market.

    for me is important to have a 3D-Plattform for the next Years and a renderer for the next years. It give many good render engine, but 3d-plattforms give it only Maya, 3dsmax and Cinema 4d.

    If autodesk decontinues 3dsmax, will Change to Maya, but i must buy many Plugins of 3dsamx for Maya. That is very expensive, and update the Databank is many work.

    at this time is for interior Design 3dsmax and iray+ or corona a good solution.

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