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Thread: Iray for Rhino - scene to 3dsMax with textures

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    Question Iray for Rhino - scene to 3dsMax with textures

    Hi all,

    I wonder if it is possible to import Iray-scene from Rhino to 3dsMax to be rendered with its embedded Iray-renderer without loosing textures and their mapping?

    My Iray for Rhino is 1.4. Iray for 3dsMax 2017 is the one which was shipped with the program.

    So far I have tried several file formats and placed textures in the same folder as the file itself. Materials are visible in Max as "scene materials", but all of them are completely white - and the model itself is completely white as well.

    Any ideas?

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    Hi Jannejanne,

    Right now you would need to export your materials and reapply them to your geometry in 3ds Max. There is no export format from Rhino that supports Iray materials, so you will end up in 3ds Max with default materials only.

    One thing you can do though:
    From Rhino you can right-click materials in your Scene materials browser and export them to .mdl (Material definition language) files. These files decribe your materials with all their settings (including the textures you are using). In 3ds Max you can import mdl files and they will look exactly the same as in Rhino. This is not the fastest workflow. However, depending on the number of materials that you are using you can export your scene in batches of geometry that use the same material and assemble it piece by piece in 3ds Max using the exported .mdl materials from Rhino.

    Best Regards,

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