Dear all,

At Supercomputing conference last year, we announced HPC visualization containers on our NVIDIA GPU Cloud for free. You can choose from three different rendering backends depending on your use-cases. To try it out, please follow these steps below.

- You need an account (free) that you can sign-up here:
- Once you sign-in you’ll see different containers, nvidia-hpcvis dropdown has the optix/index/holodeck containers.
- You have to install nvidia-docker, instructions here:
o It’s better to remove any older docker versions, if you have installed any.
- Then from the terminal:
o docker login
o username: $oauthtoken
o password: <your api key> // you can generate this once you login into the page, top right button.
- After this you can follow the instructions on how to pull the container from the page depending on the container you are interested in.

If you want to load your own datasets, please check the -v argument supplied to the docker run command, you can mount your own local hard drive that can be accessed from within the container.

Let us know if you have any questions.