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Thread: 2018 iRay Wishlist

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    Default 2018 iRay Wishlist

    Dear Santa...or whoever can delivers gifts to hardworking VFX Artists.

    A new year is coming and iRay for me is still my favorite path tracing software! While I don't let any technical limits stop me from making art, I do wish for some areas of iRay that could be more "modernized" in comparison to the competition. Some examples of how I hope for iRay to make big strides in the upcoming New Year...

    Atmospheric Fog/Scattering Support

    This feature really needs to be implemented. Even though you could hack together something similar in post processing using the depth element, for an animation, that would be too much work.

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    Physical Sky/Overcast Light

    The current Physical Sun system already simulates both sunlight and skylight but it's actually impossible to turn off or lower the intensity of the sun only. While I understand this is physically accurate for daylight scenarios, it presents a challenge when trying to simulate other outdoor lighting conditions that doesn't quite need a sun.

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    More texture input options for Multilayer SSS [Skin]

    The Skin SSS is a very powerful shader. I even use it on non-human objects when I want definite results. However, it might be a little too perfect by using only constant values for the diffuse weight, subsurface color and specular weight. It would be nice to open up these options to add our own variations for complex objects.

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    While I got a cartoon character to look the way I want, I had to create 2 materials to handle how specifically I wanted to light to be able penetrate the skin. While it's a work around, it's doesn't play too much into rendering efficiency.

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    [Better] Volumetric Rays/Scattering Support

    Technically, iRay does support volumetric lighting as discovered by this user.

    But it still has some weaknesses. While you can get rays to scatter through openings/windows, there is no volumetric fog being cast by individual objects.
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    Len's Flare / Bloom Support

    Ok, this one is a little corny. More often than not, it makes for cheesy pictures. However, in moderation it's a still feature worth including. Especially when nearly every game engine and other offline renderers have it built in. So why not iRay?
    Especially as I see myself wanting to make a night scene and having lightsources that look "perfect" would make it feel more CGI than actually photorealistic.

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    Native 3DS Max Proxy Support

    One advantage the old iRay had over the new iRay is that it could use mental ray proxies in 3DS Max. This is great when populating scenes with repeated objects while keeping memory/performance concerns down.

    So far in the new iRay for 3DS Max, there is support for instancing which does a similar task. However, the physical geometry is still represented in the viewport, even when I switch them to "display as boxes". I'm not sure if the memory requirements change, but anything to cut down memory would be grateful.

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    I understand iRay is built to be hassle free, and thus a lot of options are simplified. This strategy is still alluring to me, and I don't intend for every feature to be heavily customize.

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