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Thread: Rhino Blocks & Iray Materials - Rendering Issues

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    Talking Rhino Blocks & Iray Materials - Rendering Issues

    Hello everyone !

    I'm new to this forum and english is not my native langage, i'll do my best .

    I use the latest update of Rhino 5 with Iray and I love it.

    I use blocks in my projects for various objects (tables, chairs...). I usually assign Iray materials to surfaces/polysrfs... before creating blocks.

    However I sometimes need to change materials inside blocks after their creation.

    - After editing the block (like changing my wooden table to a glass table, or else) Iray doesn't update the material change correctly, it renders the concerned blocks with the materials assigned before their creation, as if no change had been made.

    - When rendering and editing the block at the same time (the Rhino block window is showing) Iray renders the materials correctly, but only for the selected instance.

    I've managed a way around this issue by saving my .3dm model and re-opening it in Rhino, Iray then renders the materials correctly for each block instances.

    Am I doing this the wrong way ? Is this a bug or a future feature with Iray ? I'd love Iray to manage and render correctly my material updates inside blocks.

    Thank you in advance for your answers !

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    Can you please repost your question to the new Iray for Rhino forums here:

    Since migenius has now taken over development of the plugin we provide support in this new location.

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    Okay, thanks for the tip !

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