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Thread: Iray Server Connection

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    Default Iray Server Connection

    3ds Max 2018
    Windows OS
    IRAY Plugin 1.6
    IRAY SERVER 296300

    I have 3ds Max installed with IRAY plugin on local machine.

    Want to send render to remote machine which has IRAY Server installed, running, and logged in.

    On local machine I go to network render and open the Queue Server.
    Address - I use the remote computers ethernet IP.
    Username and Password - is the same as IRAY Server Log in.

    I attempt to submit, first everything freezes and the server queue says not responding. It comes back and says "Connection Failed Please Check Server Address."

    Have no clue how to fix this since I'm a designer, not an IT expert.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated since I am currently archiving my file, dropbox to myself, open and render.

    "push button" rendering folks. These forums would suggest otherwise.

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    Hi. These forums are no longer actively monitored:
    QA Engineer, Lightworks

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