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Thread: iray not using GPU

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    Default iray not using GPU

    I just realized that when I render my Maya scene with iray, it's using about 70% of my GPU and nothing of my GPU (actually my GPU was having like 1% to 2% of usage, but I don't even know if it was iray that was using it). I'm using Maya 2017, a Geforce GTX970 card (drivers up to date) and my OS is Windows 10.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Haven't you received the answer to this question? I do hope that you will help me with this!

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    Having the same issue.
    Here is the error output from the logs:

    rend error: CUDA device 0 (GeForce RTX 2070): an illegal instruction was encountered (while launching CUDA renderer in core_renderer_wf.cpp:437)
    rend error: CUDA device 0 (GeForce RTX 2070): Failed to launch renderer
    rend error: CUDA device 0 (GeForce RTX 2070): Device failed while rendering
    IRAY rend warn : All available GPUs failed.
    IRAY rend warn : No devices activated. Enabling CPU fallback.

    So there is an issue with the driver causing this.
    Rolling back to the 417.71 driver resolves the issue but obviously this is not preferred.

    Hopefully in the future Nvidia tests it's drivers before releasing them.

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