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Thread: Unwanted blured Photometric Lights In Reflections

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    Post Unwanted blured Photometric Lights In Reflections

    Hi everybody!

    So this is may setup:
    -render is mental ray
    -a studio setup which contains 3 photometric lights and simple mesh with a
    a glossy arch& design material on it:

    reflection gloss: 1.0
    ior: 2

    in the scene there is also an hdr witch has a dimension of 2000x1000. it is plugged into
    a environment blur map.
    for the overall exposure control i using the logarithmic control.


    as you can see that the photometric light above is completely blurred.
    i used work with vray but now i want to take a closer look on mental ray.

    is there a way to get sharper light reflection?

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    Does turning off specular in the light's advanced effects\affect surfaces rollout work? Should also add that "Light shape visible in rendering" needs to be on for this to work and clean up the reflection.
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