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Thread: CurRendererRenderFrame for max 2018

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    Default CurRendererRenderFrame for max 2018

    Hello Friends

    I just update from max 2015 to max 2018.
    At Compile time ,I am not facing any prob but when I run and render then my application crashing at this function:
    (GetCOREInterface()->CurRendererRenderFrame(t,bmap,NULL,1.0f,NULL,NULL ))

    This function works fine if I use scanline render.
    but if I use mental ray renderer. it is crashing at this line.

    The same code was working fine for 2015 3dsmax for mental ray.

    Any Ideas??

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    The mentalray renderer that was delivered by default with Max 2015 is now a separate plugin that is optional and delivered by NVIDIA.

    You can download the plugin here in our forum.
    Please note, we have no plans to further develop the plugin for future versions of 3ds Max.

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