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Thread: Lighting Analysis Image Overlay - Numbers illegible

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    Default Lighting Analysis Image Overlay - Numbers illegible

    I'm hoping that someone here might be able to help with this problem that we have now been experiencing for a little bit of time.
    I originally tried getting to the bottom on this through 3dsMAX's forums, however have come to a road block as shown here:

    Apparently 3dsMax forums are pointing to NVIDIA as the culprit regarding the issue. We can get the images to render without an issue using the Mental Ray plugin, the issue is when we try to include the light meter figures in that rendering the numbers are just illegible. I've shown some of the settings in the image below, not sure all of the information that would be needed to help resolve this. We have tested this on a couple different machines using 2017 and 2018 3dSMAX to no avail...

    Is there a setting or licensing that is needed to get these numbers to come our readable?
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