For about a year, I was able to render in Iray using DAZ Studio with no problems. Sometime in June, it stopped working. All I get is the error message in the subject. The program won't even render Iray in software only mode, which it is supposed to do without a CUDA GPU. I do have a CUDA GPU, a GTX 1060 6GB. Everything I can run to test the card says it works fine. I have no other issues on my system (Win 10 64 bit). I have been trying to get help from DAZ Customer Support, but everything they have asked me to try was unsuccessful. They are telling me I need to contact NVIDIA. I'm hoping this forum can help. This "Unable to render, no renderer available" error is driving me nuts.

Things I have tried:

Update video driver, backdate video driver, reinstall at least 5 times with different versions. I have the Aug 1 release 398.82 installed now. The last time, I booted windows into safe mode and ran the Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) to clean it out. Reinstalled, with no difference

Uninstall DAZ Studio 4.9, reinstall it. Uninstall it and install 4.10, uninstall that and install the 4.11 public beta version. No difference. I currently have the 4.10 production version installed. It can render in its 3Delight engine, but not Iray.

Can anyone help?