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Thread: Welcome to the mental ray User Group forum

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    Default Welcome to the mental ray User Group forum

    Welcome to the mental ray forum!

    The original intention of this forum was to provide a sticky alternative to the mail based forums:

    Soon these lists will be retired as the forum communication method has now overwhelmed communication via email lists.

    Users across the globe are welcome to use this forum.

    We just added a Gallery section for mental ray.

    Try to use Open Discussion for general topics for mental ray. This is intended as the first place ot look for new topics, and ongoing production conversations.

    If you have a vendor specific question, we have an Application Specific category. If you think your discussion could cross app boundaries put it up to Open Discussion.

    Finally, the Shaders category is meant for shader specific questions. We hope to make the advanced section a precursor to putting up a shader repository, and there is a Shader beta testing section now available for those who request it.
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    Default Hey Bart, I tired to post a question a few days ago, it did not appear....

    I joined last week, and asked a question about displacement mapping and avoiding splitting, and the post has not appeared. I wondered what I needed to do to post this question?

    [mod: just a little patience due to travel and holiday in the states.]

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    i am trying to start a thread to ask about a error i am getting... but i can't seem to start a thread...


    scene has 1.3 million particles instanced to geometry with mental ray proxies, it renders with the first 15,000 proxies then crash with next 1.2 million.


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    at first i would think it is a ram issue but it has 200 gigs of ram available so that is not it...

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